Proven tips for getting rid of head lice at home

Head lice are tiny parasitic insects that find shelter and food in human scalps. Most people hold the belief that the main cause of head lice is dirty hair, but this is just a myth. Anyone regardless of their social status can get head lice from someone who already has them in their hair by staying close to them or by sharing hair combs. The head lice menace is most common among younger children because they like playing together and sharing items such as combs. Girls with long hair are more likely to have head lice problem than boys, which is why head lice repellent hair bands are often recommended for girls to wear in schools.

Problems caused by head lice

Head lice are not harmful nor do they result in any infections, but they can be frustrating to deal with. They become more of a bother since they suck blood from the scalp leaving the infected person feeling itchy. For some people, the itchiness becomes too much, and when they scratch too much, the scalp begins to bleed. Fortunately, the head lice menace can be treated easily. This article provides crucial tips to get rid of head lice easily.

Handling the head lice problem from the root

Remember that when you are dealing with head lice, you are not just treating the infected person, but the entire house. Head lice can live in carpets, beddings and even clothes, which makes it easier for them to survive even after treatment.

The first thing you need to do is to machine wash the clothes and beddings that the infected person touched in hot water. If the beddings and clothes are not washable, ensure that you dry clean them right away. Also, soak all the combs and brushes in Lysol, rubbing alcohol or in hot soapy water. You will also need to vacuum the furniture and the floor thoroughly. Also, for the carpets and furniture, you can clean them with a steam cleaner.

Treating the infected person

You can get rid of head lice in many ways. If they are in your child’s head, using harsh chemicals might not be the best option. You can consider the following home remedies that have proven to kill head lice with their eggs.

Using lice combs

These are specially designed combs with fine teeth that are designed to remove the lice and their eggs from the human scalp. For lice combs to be effective, it is advisable to use them on wet hair.

Vinegar for lice

Vinegar has proven to be effective in getting rid of head lice and their eggs. It has some acidic properties that dissolve the sticky glue released by female louse to attach their eggs to the scalp. It, therefore, makes it easy to remove them while washing.

Using olive oil or mayonnaise

Using olive oil or mayonnaise has proven to be useful as they work by suffocating the lice so that they are not able to neither feed nor breathe. But you need to apply them overnight and use a shower cap. The following morning, you simply wash your hair with a comb and dry it off with a clean towel.