Take care of your dental implants with these five quick steps

Taking care of dental implants (that you can get from clinics like Digital Smile Academy) after surgery is nowhere near as difficult as you may think it is. Not if you always make sure you follow these quick and easy dental care steps.


A consistent daily cleaning program — One of the easiest ways to make sure you are taking care of your dental implants correctly is to set up a daily cleaning routine.


This should include both brushing your teeth and your dental implants twice a day, as well as flossing around them to remove any food particles.


A consistent twice daily cleaning program will go a long way to making sure your dental implants last the full 25 years.

A healthy diet — Move away from sugary drinks and snacks, and instead eat fruit and drink water. Sugar is one of the worst things you can eat for your dental implants, and the more you do eat the less likely it is your implants will last their full life span.


If you do consume sugar, make sure you immediately brush your teeth afterwards. If that is not possible, swish some water around in your mouth and spit it out.


That will at least get rid of the surface sugar, and prevent any plaque from forming from the sugar.


The right toothpaste — Typical dental implants can take less abuse than natural teeth, which is why you should be careful about the type of toothpaste you use on yours.


Look for an all-natural toothpaste with no chemicals, and avoid anything that has cleaning agents or is abrasive. Either of these things can damage the implants, and cause you to have to have them replaced far earlier than you should.


The right toothbrush — It is not just your toothpaste that can damage your dental implants. Your toothbrush can as well.


A soft toothbrush is preferable to a hard one, and gentle cleaning is better for your dental implants than harsh scrubbing.


It does not matter, of course, if your toothbrush is a manual or an electric brush, as both do a similar job. What does matter is that you do not over brush your teeth, thus causing damage to the surface of them.


While cheap toothbrushes will clean your teeth effectively enough, you are better investing in one that is higher quality and better made. A soft toothbrush of this nature can last a few months and, while you use it, will not be likely to damage your teeth.


Pay attention to your dental implants — Make sure you check your implants daily so that you are aware if you have any inflammation or pain around the implant site.


If your dental implant is wobbly, you should see a dentist to get it taken care of. If you have any pain, you should also do the same.


Some problems with implants over the years are expected, but they can be minimized if you act on them quickly. Make an appointment with your dentist as soon as you notice yours.